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—  Post-production and Aerial Imaging services covering a wide range of industries, arts and music, for companies big and small

—  Post-Production clients

We deliver high-level, on-time post-production services for commercials, Social Media, in-store videos, Live Show Visuals, etc. We are used to work on big projects for international clients. Here is an overview of some of them and between brackets the projects Erik has worked on.

The Golden Sturgeon (projects for Perrigo, Voo, Defence, Fintro, Partena, Deleye, Q Music, Sunlight, Jim Mobile, Proximus, Studio Brussel,…)

ASP (projects for Electrolux, Ernst & Young, Generali, Levi’s, Ford, Mitsubishi,…)

Associate Directors (Nollywood Abroad, Building a Legend)

Drop the Spoon (for Gare à Vous)

Ziezedoen (Europalia, Une Histoire Belge)

Off World (Watergroep)

Shoottheartist (post-production on projects for Volvo, Range Rover, Kane, Elite Model Look, Fedde Le Grand, Axelle Red, De Lijn, dEUS, Garcia, Johnnie Walker, Kipling, La Perla, Dreft, Tiësto, Nike, TF1, Night of the Proms,…)

Woestijnvis (editing for De Mol (I & II), De XII Werken van Vanoudenhoven, Man Bijt Hond,…)


—  Post-production on Feature Films, Shows and TV Series

Gutterdämmerung, Tunis by Night, De Mol Season 1 & 2, De XII Werken Van Vanoudenhoven, Building a Legend, Nollywood Abroad, Europalia,…


—  Production Houses, Friends, Colleagues, Big Talents, Facilities & Rental Companies, Big Thank Yous to

Aerial Intelligence, The Golden Sturgeon, Shoottheartist, Kim Printemps, Frédéric Geerts, Bafa Drone University, Showplus, VideoHouse, Lites, AED Studios


—  Post-production on Documentaries, TV series that won Awards

Best documentary - The Black International Cinema Festival 2009 for Nollywood Abroad

Golden Rose - Montreux for De Mol Season 1

Ha! van Humo & Best Intercultural TV for Man Bijt Hond